Spatially Balanced Sampling Tool v1

2) Select a stratum field:
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How to use this page:

This page uses the Shiny package for R to serve up R statistical tools in a web based interface.

To use this tool, you will need to provide a polygon dataset in ESRI shapefile format. To load your dataset into the tool, Upload a .zip file (use window to the left), which contains ALL the files that make up a complete ESRI polygon shapefile.

The shapefile must contain a field that represents the strata defining the stratum of the dataset, this can be a unique field, if no strata are present in your dataset.

Please be sure and follow the input order in the upload sidebar on the left of this browser window!

This application will display your input polygons in the Plot tab. From there, you can request the number of spatially balanced points you wish to have created, by strata. Oversampled points can also be requested. After selecting 'generate points', the tool will create the points and display them for you, both in the plot, and in table format. Point coordinates in the table are in the same projection as your input dataset. AFTER UPLOAD:

fetching data; please wait...

Map of input polygons by strata
enter number of points to sample for all listed strata
(press Fetch Points! in sidebar to process)
suggested sampling points