Assessment and Monitoring Analysis Tools

summary for first two groups only



Histogram of values from Excel



How to use this page:

This page uses the Shiny package for R, to serve up R statistical tools in a web based interface.

To use, upload a .csv file (.xls format not yet supported) in the provided sidebar to load your data into the tool. The file must contain a field named group and one named value. The analysis tools provided here will perform statistics on the groups in your data, where the group field varies by the the different plots, years, samples, etc. of your data set. The value field must contain the measured data of interest.

Upon successful upload, the startup tab, plot, should display histograms of your data and summary statistics for the first two groups in your data. Also available will be a simple threshold analysis.

The number of groups contained in your uploaded data will determine the other tools available for display, as described below:

Two group data:

A 2 sample T-test for displaying results of a t-test on two independent groups

A Paired T-test for displaying results of a T-test on two related groups (ie the same plot during different times).

(If your data has less than or more than two groups, these options will return 'null' in the interface)

Three or more group data:

ANOVA analysis